Towards the end of 2021, North America Central School Bus announced an enhanced driver referral program called “Driving to Recruits.

This program was geared to help with recruiting efforts while giving valued employees an opportunity for some great prizes! For every referral, the referring employee received a set number of tickets to be entered into the raffle. All eligible entries were placed into a pool for drawing.

Winners 1

Our Great Lakes team (Chicago Central, Chicago South, Milwaukee, and Waukegan) and our Gateway Team (Alton, East St. Louis, Granite City, Ladue, O’Fallon, St. Louis, and Waterloo) both participated in the program.

Each location had a total of 6 prizes, with one being a brand new car! Check out the Driving to Recruits winners!

“Quick Story about the Car winner – Ms. Gracie has been a long-time employee here in STL. She has been getting rides from various employees for the last few months.

When you think you’ve seen it all, then something like this happens, Kerner McElroy (winner of $2000 Gas), gave Ms. Gracie $250 towards her gas. I know you couldn’t hear, but it was very emotional here in STL-South as Ms. Gracie is loved by everyone. Afterward, we escorted her to the car, and she just sit in it and cried!!”

~Scott Allen

2022 Chevy SUV Winners
• Gracie Strickland
• Diana Gilliam

Grocery Card Winners
• Kerner McElroy
• Marvis Devasher
• Maria Villafan
• Myishia White

Gas Card Winners
• Brandon Nichois
• Richard Brown
• Edward Gipson
• Alma Ware